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Factory Matte Clear Film Reinforces Personalization of the 2024 Ford Mustang

New Matte Clear Film option available to enhance the appearance of any existing Mustang paint color, resulting in a sleek, satin-like texture

The #Mustang Matte Clear Film option offers Mustang customers a fresh and innovative way to customize their vehicle. This factory-installed film not only adds a sleek satin-like finish to the Mustang's appearance but also provides protection for the car's paint.

In addition to the Matte Clear Film, Mustang owners have a range of other personalization options to choose from. These include various wheel choices, interior color options, contrasting seatbelts, factory-painted brake calipers, and a selection of bold and exciting paint colors.

The Matte Clear Film is currently available for all Mustang coupe models, including the #EcoBoost, #GT, and #DarkHorse variants. It is offered for all factory paint colors, and initial deliveries are scheduled to start in June. For Mustang convertible models, the Matte Clear Film will be made available in the fourth quarter of 2024.

Mustang Chief Program Engineer, Laurie Transou said, “Mustang has been about driving freedom and freedom of expression for 60 years, and our new Matte Clear Film provides a whole new way for customers to make Mustang their own".

The PPG-produced 2024 Mustang Matte Clear Film is specifically engineered to endure the rigorous cleaning agents employed in both manual and touchless car washes, as well as the corrosive effects of road salt, bird excrement, insect remains, and asphalt remnants.

This innovative offering can be purchased starting February 27 for $5,995. It is accompanied by the standard 3-year/36,000-mile factory warranty, which is applicable to all 2024 Mustang vehicles.

Customers who choose to purchase the Mustang Dark Horse with the Mustang Matte Clear Film will not receive the usual Hood Accent Stripe and will not have the option to select the Painted Racing Stripe. It is important to note that the Matte Clear Film is not compatible with the GT California Special package, as well as the optional graphics packages offered on the Mustang EcoBoost and GT models.

Additionally, for customers who desire a more discreet look on the incredibly powerful 5.0-liter Mustang, the Graphic delete option will be available as a separate item on the Mustang Dark Horse. This allows for a more low-key appearance while still enjoying the exceptional track capabilities of the vehicle.


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