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Expanding on its social networking origins, ‘All Roads’ put the pedal to the metal in late 2012 launching Undergoing many changes since, including several redesigns and content additions with future growth and expansion on the horizon 'All Roads’ makes a tremendous effort on a daily basis to maintain an all-inclusive American muscle centered platform appealing to a vast enthusiast network by providing up-to-date breaking news, special articles, photos, videos, auto show coverage, collectables, and memorabilia - all in one place harking back to the days of yore when Detroit pumped out some of the most powerful cars the world had ever seen to present day where ‘The Motor City’ continues to amaze with their factory built land rockets. 

Built from a labor-of-love, ‘All Roads Lead To The Motor City’ is the culmination behind decades of full throttle obsession for the tried and true American muscle car.

Metro Detroit born and raised muscle car enthusiast, Nick Cavanaugh frustrated with the monotonous automotive enthusiast on-line environment believed there was room for change thus paving the way for the always family friendly, automotive content packed, enthusiast driven super-site you see before you today. In September 2010 'All Roads Lead To The Motor City' made its web debut on the social network scene seeking out an enthusiast fan base who shared a real passion for American muscle subject matter the whole family could appreciate focusing on the past, present, and future of the American automotive legacy. 

I’m a ‘gear head’ to my core, however, I’m a husband and father first so sharing my passion for muscle cars with my family is involuntary. I found myself disturbed with most of the enthusiast sites out there. Their attention had shifted to an audience who perpetuated vulgarity, crudeness, exploitation of women and in my opinion people who simply couldn’t care less about motorsports. Sure, they get a ton of traffic but they weren’t focused on the cars. Rather shallow as far as I’m concerned. That’s not what this is about - not even close to the message I’m trying to send and I know there’s others who feel like I do


– Founder, Nick Cavanaugh

No matter what your flavor is, be it Blue Ovals, Bow Ties, Mopars, Classics, Hot Rods or anything in between, if you have a taste for good ‘ol American muscle you’re guaranteed get your fill here.

Regardless of the path you may travel, All Roads Lead To The Motor City.




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