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Dodge//SRT and Mopar Heavy Hitters head to the Amalie Motor Oil Gatornationals

Pruett, Hagan, and Tony Stewart Racing Ready To Rock Gainesville

The highly anticipated annual Amalie Motor Oil #Gatornationals is set to kick off on March 10th in Gainesville, Florida. In line with the convention and following raised expectations by zealous fans and preparations of racers, the grand opening of the Camping World Drag Racing March series, an age-long competition organized by the National Hot Rod Association (#NHRA), has been slated for this weekend at the historic Gainesville Raceway.

Racers in both #Dodge//#SRT and #Mopar teams, Leah Pruett and Matt Hagan, who are both pilots from the Tony Stewart Racing (#TSR), have been spotted getting set for the competition. When interviewed, the drivers have displayed readiness and enthusiasm towards the game.

Tony Stewart Racing driver Leah Pruett and her Dodge Power Brokers Top Fuel dragster

Leah Pruett, who is currently slated sixth place in the three preliminaries rounds, has made it known earlier that she would be unveiling her Dodge Power Brokers dragster on the road on Saturday during the NHRA Top Fuel All-Star Callout. At the same time, she contends with eight other drivers for the most coveted Gatornationals Wally trophy. However, although having experienced a few disappointments at the first set of rounds, Pruett is hopeful that the eliminations on Saturday would be a remarkable comeback for her. She also expressed joy in the forthcoming competition, stating she believes she is more excited about the race than her competitors.

Pruett also noted how a significant factor like the weather in Gainesville is to the success of her game. "It's relatively low sea level, and high barometer makes for recipes of fast passes, but the humidity factor really tries to smother that extra horsepower. Given our unique weather forecast ahead, this weekend is definitely shaping up to be the ultimate horsepower war", she states.

Matt Hagan, three-time NHRA Funny Car World Champion and top driver in the Tony Stewart Racing, also conveyed his thoughts and expectations toward the upcoming race, noting how much he looked forward to racing in Gainesville, which has been elusive to him. The joy of finally testing the soil has been a booster to Hagan as he announced his anticipation towards checking running in Gainesville off his list. Hagan is set to race on Gainesville soil as he launches his Dodge #Charger SRT #Hellcat Funny Car on the road for the 2022 race.

Tony Stewart Racing driver Matt Hagan and the Dodge Power Brokers Charger SRT Hellcat Funny Car

Like Pruett, he also mentioned the climate in conveying a good game. He stated, "We are able to set track records if the temperatures and conditions are there, so I feel like we're going into a racetrack where we can really lay down the performance that TSR is making with my Dodge Power Brokers Charger SRT Hellcat." Hagan and Pruett are looking forward to clinging the trophy in their respective nitro ranks as Tony Steward Racing drivers.

It has been confirmed that the Cruz Pedregon Racing team is also joining this season's race. Cruz Pedregon was the Gatornationals winner in 1998 and two-time Funny Car world champion. Like the previous year, the Cruz Pedregon Racing Team climbed up the ladder to the top two in the winner's circle. It stayed consistent in the 22 NHRA games by winning in the first five rounds.

Among the Gatornationals events commencing are the eighth series of the Constant Aviation NHRA Factory Stock Showdown (FSS) and the fourth season of the NHRA event, the Mopar Career Automotive Program (CAP). The former event showcases seven Mopar Drag Paks contenders in this race. Based on new developments, the winner would be awarded 10,000 dollars worth of purse, which is the highest amount ever given since the race's inception.

The 4,800 square-foot display would host colleges and about 100 other accredited academic institutions for an intensive and expansive technician course for the latter event. #Stellantis dealerships would be conferred on students at the end of the training. According to the Director of Stellantis Performance Institute, Keith Yancy, the Mopar Career Automotive Program (CAP) is a future-forward way students can transform their zeal and dreams into a high-paying automotive career. In his words, "Students can turn their passion for automotive technology into a lucrative career working on the hottest cars in the industry."

It has also been confirmed that an information booth and display trailers would be present at the Dodge race where interested individuals can meet with information experts and participate in games and giveaways.

There will be media coverage of the Gatornationals races where fans can catch the actions as it happens Live by streaming and tuning into NHRA.TV and FS1: Friday "call-out' race by March 11 at 5 p.m. Eastern, Saturday," call-out" final round by March 12 at 2 p.m. Eastern, and the Sunday eliminations by March 13 at 7 p.m. Eastern.

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