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Introducing Coverage Made Just For Vintage Campers

Attention vintage camper owners, you can now hit the road happy with camper insurance coverage created just for you! All roads lead to adventure and fun with a vintage camper trailer. You can now have coverage from the only specialty carrier that protects your campers with Guaranteed Value. Plus, you'll get coverage built just for your camper and how you use it. Benefits of Vintage Camper Trailer Insurance:

  • Guaranteed Value We are the only specialty insurance carrier to offer this coverage. You get what your camper is actually worth for physical damage losses. No appraisals required!

  • Premises Liability Provides protection for your client while their trailer is set up and being used on site.

  • Exceptional service and claims handling From quoting to claims, you’ll always talk to an in-house specialist.

  • Personal property Also included is protection up to $1,500 for items like clothing, furnishings and electronics and up to $500 for awnings.

Qualifying for Vintage Camper Trailer Insurance. Before you hitch it up, check out what qualifies.

  • The camper must be towable—motorized campers are not eligible

  • The minimum insured value is $2,000

  • Campers must be 25 years or older. Newer replicas will be considered

  • Condition must be good to better condition, unless the camper is undergoing active restoration.

  • You can’t live in your camper full-time or use it for business

  • Exterior and interior photos required

Contact me @ 248-699-9913 with questions!


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