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Could the Next Gen Corvette C8 Be A Hybrid

Most industries have development cycles of one to three years. The automotive industry is different due to the complexity of their products. Many vehicles have development cycles of five to seven years. What a lot of people don’t realize is that from the moment a car company releases a car, they are already starting work on the next generation. The C6 Corvette was produced from 2005 -2013 and throughout most of that period GM was working hard on the C7.

Some might not like that it takes so long to develop a car, however this is standard throughout the industry. Car manufacturers can’t just start to work on the next generation of a car the year before it is released. It takes time to engineer a new car that will be reliable and appeal to consumer demands.

An article by Jalopnik claims that GM executives have confirmed that the C8 Corvette is already under development and when asked if there would be a hybrid version, they refused to answer. We already knew that GM was working on a C8 but it is certainly interesting to hear that there could be a hybrid version.

Porsche, Ferrari and McLaren have already proven that hybrid technology can seriously improve the performance of a car so it’s not too far-fetched. We will report more on the matter when we have more information.

What do you think about a hybrid Corvette?

By: Joshua Kashinsky

Image Source: GM Media

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