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NEWS: 300 SRT Axed, Grand Cherokee SRT Could Get New Name

The Fiat-Chrysler group recently announced they will returning SRT to a standalone brand. They also said that they were going to keep producing the Charger SRT, Challenger SRT, and the Viper which will once again be under the Dodge brand. They didn’t, however say anything about their other two SRT models, the Chrysler 300 SRT and the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT. This begged the question of whether or not they will still be produced.

A source inside of Fiat Chrysler answered this question. The Chrysler 300 SRT will indeed be cut, while the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT will live on in one way, shape, or form but not necessarily badged as an SRT. The Chrysler 300 SRT directly competes with the Charger SRT which obtained more sales making the decision to cit the 300 a no-brainer for the company.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee happens to be the top selling SRT product, thus the reason for Jeep to continue production even after its major update next year. However no word on whether Jeep's top performer will retain the SRT badge.

By: Joshua Kashinsky

Image Source: Chrysler Media

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