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Rendering the Next Mach 1

Earlier this year Ford filed for a Mach 1 trademark and the rumors have been bucking like crazy ever since. If the Mach 1 were to indeed see the day of light again the image you see above is what the rumored sixth generation Mustang Mach 1 trim could look like according to a talented Photoshop artist over at Top Speed. If they are even close to half right - color us obsessed.

Not only does this interpretation pay due respect to the original Mach 1 of the late 1960’s with the matte black stripe treatment and a few blacked out bits here and there, but it also adds a slight bump in style and aggressiveness essential in a successful Mustang formula suitable for a moniker as hallowed as Mach 1. Now add the good ole shaker scoop and we'll take ours in black, please. The recent Mach 1 revival hear say isn’t that hard to swallow when you consider the current line up to its position in Mustang history. The original Mach 1 was an option offered originally back in 1969 through 1973 slotted between the GT and the Boss Mustangs, then made a comeback in 2003 through 2004 once again as an alternative to the entry level GT and powerhouse SVT Cobra.

Now with rumors and strong evidence circulating that a Shelby GT350 could grace the stable as the top of the Mustang, Ford has again created the perfect place to slide in the Mach 1.

Stay tuned as we’ll be reporting more info as it becomes available.

Posted By: Nicholas Cavanaugh; Editor-in-Chief

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