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Did a Dealer Marketing Order Confirm a new Shelby GT350

Rumors of the next Shelby variant to grace the sixth generation Mustang have been circulating the web in recent months. Various stories have sited the Shelby GT350 is poised to make a comeback replacing the GT500 as a true Ford production model, and seeing that Shelby American has ended production of their GT350 post-title Mustang may lead you to give that rumor a little more justification.

Today we can say that rumor has indeed taken the lead as a leaked screenshot from a Ford dealer ordering system used for promotional material clearly lists the Shelby GT350 material as available. A few years ago the same thing happened and confirmed rumors that the Bullitt and other Mustang packages were in our future far before press material had been released.

No one at Ford has confirmed the arrival of the new Shelby (shocking, right?) but gossip suggests with the end of the mighty 660+hp 5.8L Triton in the outgoing GT500 that the global GT350 platform would return more to its roots, i.e. naturally aspirated V8, light weight, quick on the track, tight on the twists and turns – just like Carroll would want it.

Stay tuned as we’ll report new info as it’s available.

Posted By: Nicholas Cavanaugh; Editor-in-Chief

Photo Credit: Stang TV

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