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BREAKING NEWS: Mustang EcoBoost Uses Fake Engine Noise To Sound Less Like A 4 Cylinder

How do you make a 4 cylinder Mustang sound more like a V8? Well apparently you fake it, just ask Ford Motor Company engineer Shawn Carney.

In a story from the car fanatics at Autoblog, Carney has indeed confirmed the Blue Ovals new boosted 4 pot powered Pony car utilizes a simulated engine sound piped into the cabin via a system dubbed ‘Active Noise Control’. Carney, who was part of the team responsible for tuning the EcoBoost’s exhaust said by monitoring torque output the system performs two separate functions by first eliminating road noise then "layering in certain sound characteristics on top of what's already there, the intent is to be a natural experience".

If you’re a fan of the new Mustang EcoBoost however ‘simulated engine sounds’ aren’t your cup of tea, take a tip from Road & Track senior editor Jason Cammisa who pulled fuse number 27 during his test drive of the 2.3L Mustang EcoBoost, effectively eliminating the Active Noise Control however doing so claimed the stereo as well since the technology is integrated into the stock head unit.

By: Nick Cavanaugh; Editor-in-Chief

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