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BREAKING NEWS: New Mobile App Rewrites Car Shopping

Looking to buy or sell a car, but don’t know where to start? is the only automated listing Web application that gives its users the freedom to sell and purchase cars online from any desktop, tablet, or smartphone device. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s simple; so simple that CarLister doesn’t require typing in a single word.

With, no sales experience or car knowledge is necessary to begin the process. In fact, the only thing any user needs to know in order to sell a car is the car’s VIN number; you can even take a photo of the VIN in place of typing it. Once VIN data is entered into the app, CarLister automatically fills in all of the technical information about the vehicle, and provides the description on any new or used car. If the user is not a fan of the description offered, no problem—with just a tap of the screen, a new paragraph description will be instantly generated. All auto-generated text may be edited by users before being posted.

When searching for a vehicle to buy, CarLister contains highly informative listing pages for buyers to browse through, including videos, large images, and full car reports. Buyers can view the exact location of the vehicles they are looking to purchase on Google maps.

CarLister’s base profile allows a maximum of 30 images and five videos of the vehicle to be uploaded, along with an accident report. The cost for this Premium Package is a flat rate of just $14.44 but CarLister is offering this package FREE to the first 8,888 vehicle listings for sellers as well as dealers. Sellers can even market their vehicles directly to dealers, who will deliver a buyout offer or trade-in value. Better yet, buyers and sellers have the option to interact via video using a FaceTime feature, allowing the buyer to assess the vehicle before driving out to inspect it. Dealers can also use FaceTime with buyers, giving them a chance to ask about cars and discuss alternative vehicles all within the same call. Users also have the option to email sellers to retrieve further information.

Bryan Harmon, the co-founder and CEO of DreamWare, CarLister’s developer, stated “We are very proud of CarLister and how effective, fast, intuitive and easy it is to use. Even first-time sellers can have a professional listing with little effort. CarLister delivers mobile functionality and the 'make it easy' world to car sales.”

The process of listing, selling, or buying a car online can be tedious and demanding, taking up precious time. The good news is that this frustration can be avoided entirely. Luckily for potential car sellers or buyers, CarLister includes more features at a lower cost than any other premium car listing package out there today. Head over to today to list a car to sell in just under a minute!

By: Lawren Dame; Associate Editor

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