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NEWS: Sons Childhood Dream Car Promise To His Father Fulfilled

From The Blaze: When we were children, we all made grand statements and lofty promises that we couldnt possibly keep, however, a Reddit user who goes by the very appropriate username 'Belairboy' actually kept one of his ambitious childhood promises - when he was 8 years old, Belairboy promised his dad a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air for his 57th birthday.

In one of his Reddit posts, Belairboy explained how his father never imagined he would ever own a '57 Chevy - his dream car.

On a later post, Belairboy tells us how he located and purchased the '57 Bel Air and kept it hidden from his father for two years just so he could fulfill his childhood promise. Then on his Dad's 57th birthday, Belairboy hid the Bel Air coaxed his Father into the garage where he hid the classic Chevy.

When his Dad saw the car, Belairboy shouted, “Happy Birthday!” His father was ecstatic and instantly overcome - to say the least. He couldn’t believe his eyes, giving his son a huge hug then sliding into the driver’s seat of his dream car fulfilled.

Watch Dad's reaction, here.

By: Joshua Kashinshy Image Source: YouTube

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