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NEWS: TruTV and Chevrolet Seeking 'Motor City Master'

TruTV and Chevrolet have joined forces launching a new reality show dubbed ‘Motor City Masters’ airing Tuesdays beginning June 24th.

Surely designed to be different, and frankly a breath of fresh air when compared to the same old, brutally redundant [locate classic car - haggle price - attempt to sell said classic car for profit] concept flooding the tube lately; Motor City Masters, hosted by Brooke Burns, pits a broad spectrum of 10 extremely talented designers from various states throughout the Union, including The Motor City of course, in a competition to create new, fully functional theme based concept cars testing each of the designers individual talents.

Throughout the competition, designers are put through several design challenges where upon competition the designs are judged based on measures of creativity, execution and forward-thinking design. In each episode contestants are eliminated until only two designers remain. The two competitors left standing will then face off before Chevrolet's world-class car design experts, where one designer will crowned ‘The Next Great Car Designer.’

Concepts are judged by renowned car designer Harald Belker, president and editor-in-chief of Automobile Magazine Jean Jennings, along with periodic celebrity guest judges including actress Melissa Joan Hart, actor Jesse Metcalfe, Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz, baseball star David Justice and former NASCAR driver Robby Gordon.

Once all said and done, the winner of Motor City Masters claims the title of Brand Ambassador with the opportunity to showcase their designs at major auto shows. And to really set it off, the winner will also take home $100,000 cash and nab the keys to a brand spankin’ new 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z28.

You can find more info on their site, here.

By: Nicholas Cavanaugh, Sr. Editor-in-Chief

Image Source: TruTV

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