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NEWS: SRT Back To Its Roots As a Sub Brand. Viper Returns To Dodge.

Ever since Fiat acquired the Chrysler group there has been a fear by many fans that the Dodge brand would go by the wayside. We have learned this morning that Fiat has indeed decided to keep the Dodge name, but instead axe the SRT brand which produces the current generation Viper.

Today Fiat Chrysler Automobiles' announced during their five-year product plan that Dodge will be a purely performance brand and continue to produce the Viper and the recently refreshed Charger and Challenger with top dogs continuing to wear the SRT badge however returing to a sub-brand rather than a stand alone make.

The chart indicates the Challenger SRT equiped with the famed 6.2l supercharged "HellCat" motor hits the streets this August, a refreshed Dodge Viper in July 2015 trailed by a brushed up all-wheel drive Dart SRT powered by an unnamed turbo engine at the end 2016 followed up with a SRT badged Journey and a Durango in 2017.

No word of whether or not the 300 SRT and the Grand Cherokee SRT will continue.

By Joshua Kashinsky

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