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NEWS: Next Generation Mustang Shelby Caught Testing

I few weeks back we reported a screenshot from a dealer website for ordering marketing materials. Not a total surprise given the fact we’ve been hearing rumblings that a GT350 would succeed the current GT500 high horse for a minute or two.

It seems as the photo snipers have snagged a few shots of a camo’d up next gen Shelby out keeping the roads hot. From the photos posted on Mustang6 we can see a new hood, possibly a redesigned grill, and side scoops in the fenders. This tester is also sporting the Shelby-like quad exhaust found on the 2014 GT500.

No clue yet on what will power this snake. Most believe the 5.8l is dead; whether or not Trinty lives on is one thing, the fact that it simply won’t fit in the new S550 is another – color that idea debunked. Our bet is on the Blues Oval’s eagerness to throw a set of twin turbos on nearly anything – we just hope it the Coyote turn.

Posted by: Nicholas Cavanaugh; Editor-in-Chief Image credit: Mustang6

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