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NEWS: Official 2015 Ford Mustang Line Up Power Ratings

Straight from the horse’s mouth, Ford has released the official power ratings for the 2015 Mustang line up.

The base 3.7L V6 maintains its torque rating of 280lb-ft but drops the ponies a bit from 305hp to 300hp, but quite honestly who really cares, right? The GT incorporating a new version of the outgoing Coyote jumps from 420hp to 435hp and 390lb-ft to 400lb-ft over the 2014 model. The new ‘Ecoboost’ trim offers up 310hp and 320lb-ft from the new 2.3L twin-scroll turbocharged four banger on 93 octane gas.

With only 100 horses separating the GT from the Ecoboost it seems that the Ecoboost Mustang has plenty of room to grow. Time will tell what the next generation SVT Mustang will put to the ground.

Stay tuned, Mustang fanatics!

By: Nick Cavanaugh; Editor-in-Chief

Image Source: Ford Images

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