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AUCTIONS: [UPDATED] Super Collectible Hemi Cuda Crossing The Block At Mecum Seattle

The next sight of the Mecum Auto Auctions will take place in Seattle, Washington. This auction will be special because crossing the block is a 1971 Plymouth Hem Cuda Convertible.

This particular car will be one of the last two 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda’s that are known to still exist. Painted in GB5 Blue and matted to a 4-speed, this is the last 1971 Hemi Cuda with matching numbers and its original drivetrain.

In 1971, Plymouth only produced 11 Hemi Cuda Convertibles. For the 1970 model year, they produced 14. These cars are one of the most sought after muscle cars from that era.

What sets the Hemi Cuda Convertible apart from the normal Cuda Convertible, besides the obvious drivetrain differences, are the Shaker hood that has Hemi Cuda badging, there is a lack of trim that was common place on muscle cars of that era, and there are locking pins for the hood.

This particular car was originally owned by a cartoonist in California. With its next owner, it was seized in a drug bust and auctioned off. In 2000 it was put through a full restoration.

To put an exact number on what this car will bring at Mecum is difficult, but to put it into perspective, a 1971 Hemi Cuda Convertible was the first muscle car to sell for more than a million dollars in 2002.

If you consider the increased rarity and demand, this car is likely to bring in several million dollars.

UPDATE: This one-of-a-kind Challenger brought down the hammer with a recored setting $3.5million sale.

By: Joshua Kashinsky

Image Credit: Mecum Auto Auction

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