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Create your own custom MotorCaves© Bar from your choice of authentic front or rear end vehicle sections

MotorCaves© Custom Classic Car Bar

  • The model chosen will determine the size (width or depth) and can be made to fit your requirements.

    Incorporated with standard desk features or designed to have a glass platform over the hood.

    All items that feature mounted tires are matched to original or custom specifications.

    Items can be fully customized, e.i: Frenched lights, model mixes, louvers, custom paint.

    Lights are in working order (110 volt or PAL) and can be turned on or off

    Items can be shipped to any location worldwide

    Quantity discounts are available

    Pricing can be affected by the market value of donor vehicle and cost of materials

    Average delivery in 30-60 days

    All units shipped fully assembled in solid, wood crates (crating and shipping costs are not included in the unit price)

    Custom cabinet storage, refrigerators, stereos, with or without glass tops, and depths and height can be adjusted

    Contact us for specific pricing info

    These one of a kind units start as low as $4799.99
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