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Lincoln Could Be Considering Mustang Based Vehicle

The past few years have not been particularly bright for Ford Motor Company’s luxury brand brand, so it’s not surprising to hear Lincoln is entertaining every possibility to expand their lineup. The new Lincoln MKZ and MKC models are encouraging for the brand; however Lincoln still lacks the lineup needed to gain some serious market share. One option that got grabbed our attention is the fact Lincoln could consider a Mustang based model in the near future.

In a recent interview, global head of marketing, sales and service for Lincoln, Matt VanDyke, told Edmunds, “We know we need added nameplates. We know that we need to get into other segments with other vehicles.” When asked if they would make a Mustang based model, Matt said, “Sure. We won't rule out anything. That would obviously be great for Lincoln, as the brand’s lineup currently lacks a coupe.” The creation of a rear wheel drive model couldn’t hurt Lincoln to better compete with other luxury brands.

It’s no secret Lincoln shares platforms and engines with Ford badged vehicles. Although during Lincoln’s recent and on-going revitalization they have done a great job to distinguish their vehicles from their Ford counterparts – a common grumble from Lincoln owners past. In the future, Lincoln could offer more differentiation between their vehicles via the inclusion of more premium technology features that are not offered in Ford vehicles.

The 2014 Lincoln MKZ and the 2015 MKC are the first vehicle that show the companies new direction. In 2015, Lincoln will be redesigning their MKX, and in 2016 they will introduce a replacement to the MKS sedan. Currently, these are Lincoln’s best-selling vehicles.

Indeed the future of Lincoln looks interesting. No question the introduction of a rear wheel drive Mustang based vehicle would spice things up and give Lincoln a car that could compete with hometown rival Cadillac and other lux brands.

By: Joshua Kashinsky

Image Credit: CarScoops

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