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  • Nick Cavanaugh; Editor-in-Chief ( @Car_Sick_Nick )

Southern Comfort Automotive & Lingenfelter Performance Unleash The Reaper

Based on the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado, the Reaper sports a redesigned front end and rides on new suspension components developed with Fox Racing and Ride Tech. Adding icing on the cake Lingenfelter expects the naturally aspirated Reaper to be priced at about the same as the Raptor, while a supercharged versions are expected to undercut the Roush and Shelby Raptor variants. Stay tuned as we'll be repoting more news as its available.

Standard Features:

  • Front Clip Restyling

  • High Clearance Bumper with Reinforced Skid Plates

  • Integrated Rigid Flood Light System